Everything You Need to Know About the Injury and Illness Prevention Program

injury and illness prevention program

Workplaces that implement an injury and illness prevention program will notice a drastic decrease in workplace injuries.  Reduced incidents of workplace injuries can lead to a more positive employee culture. Happier employees boast higher levels of productivity and quality of work, reduced staff turnover rates, and ultimately, reduced costs. In addition to costs that arise […]

The Ultimate Guide on OSHA Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Requirements

osha ppe requirements

Occupational injuries and illnesses can occur in any general industry if employees come into contact with workplace hazards, which can result in serious workplace injuries and be costly for the employer to deal with. It also reduces employee morale and compromises the safety culture of the workforce. Therefore, OSHA requires personal protective equipment (PPE) be […]

Everything You Need to Know About OSHA Respirator Requirements

osha respirator requirements

Respiratory protection in the workplace can often be overlooked because the effects don’t immediately indicate defective occupational safety like other forms of physical trauma. But, respiratory problems can exhibit severe long-term health defects. Employees required to work in hazardous environments containing harmful dust, fogs, fumes, mists and other dangerous gases and vapors can ingest these […]