Minimize safety risk without breaking the bank

Discover hidden safety gaps

By addressing all safety gaps in the Safety Gap Model with a safety gap analysis, companies minimize their business risk as it applies to safety and insurance.

Accountability Gap

Keep employees and the company accountable for positive and negative safety behavior. 

Verification Gap

Verify workplace behavior is following safety training provided. 

Knowledge Gap

Equip and train employees to understand and follow established company policies.

Awareness Gap

Understand the company safety and risk responsibility to employees and seek out safety knowledge. 

Process Gap

Translate safety needs and regulations into policy.

What we do

Job Hazard Analysis

The first step for any safety initiative is to take stock of current processes and procedures. You can’t measure success without knowing what you have and where you’re going. 


Safety Policies

Policies document job processes and safety procedures for a variety of conditions. Learn what you might be missing! 


Safety Training

Safety training helps set your employees up for success. Whether it is hear, see, or do, safety training provides the knowledge for employees to make the right choices. 


Safety Inspections

People don’t do what you expect them to do but what you inspect them doing. We can help with those inspections!


Safety Consulting

Sometimes unbiased expertise is the best way to objectively make changes. Our Safety Gap Model was born from decades of working with companies and identifying ways to improve safety culture. 

Meet our team

Insure Compliance is constantly growing and learning. Find out more about our incredible team of safety professionals.