Verify workplace behavior is following safety training provided

Safety Inspections

Safety Gap Model

Do You Have a Verification Gap?

Do you see this at your company?

  • Productivity valued at expense of safety
  • Individuals feel unable to enforce safety
  • Management unsure of how to prevent accidents or where to start 
  • Lack of safety results

Warning: You could have a verification gap in your safety program.

The verification gap is the difference between safety training provided and safety behavior.

Why this gap exists:

  • Employees misinterpret the importance of safety
  • Lack of safety supervision
  • Company focus on productivity over safety
  • Safety not recognized as a company goal

How to Solve for a Verification Gap

Safety inspections address and solve a verification gap in a company. Inspections check to see if workplace behavior is following established safety policies and training for your industry, company, and job sites.

Inspection Services

Safety inspections and audits are a tool to ensure that the results of training are seen in the field. It’s not enough to create documented policies and provide training to your employees. Making sure that the knowledge from the training translates to consistent workplace behavior is where inspections and audits come in. 

Here are inspection services we provide:

  • Mock OSHA audits
  • Job site inspections
  • Facility inspections
  • Monthly OSHA required inspections
  • Compliance Audits
  • Insurance Risk Assessment
  • DOT annual Reviews

Address safety and compliance issues without risk of fines

A Mock OSHA Audit is an audit replicating a real OSHA audit and is designed to identify gaps in your safety program.

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Where Are Your Safety Gaps?

At Insure Compliance, we follow our Safety Gap Model to bridge the safety gaps in your business. 

When each of the five gaps are addressed, you create a positive safety culture for your company and successfully minimize your business risk in terms of safety and insurance.

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