Our Methodology

Safety Gap Model

Minimize your business risk with a Safety Gap analysis. 

There are many kinds of business risks that threaten your company. Whether they are a true risk, a threat, or uncertainty, they are an obstacle to achieving financial goals.

From market risk to financial risk to compliance risk, companies are always balancing growth while managing risk. 

Go big or go home?

A mentality of “go big or go home” can translate to “great risk = great reward”. In reality though, the most successful companies are those that take managed and measured risk. By managing, and ultimately, minimizing risk, you have a much better chance of sustaining your company and growing more. 

While it’s not possible to eliminate risk from a company, you can minimize it. 

Build the foundation

With our Safety Gap Model, we take a 360° look at your safety and compliance processes, documents, training, inspections, and accountability programs. All of these parts work together to create a complete and holistic safety program. When each of the five safety gaps are addressed, companies create the foundation of a positive safety culture. If a “weak link” or unaddressed gap exists, the safety culture doesn’t have the foundation to build upon. 

Accountability Gap

Keep employees and the company accountable for positive and negative safety behavior. 

Verification Gap

Verify workplace behavior is following safety training provided. 

Knowledge Gap

Equip and train employees to understand and follow established company policies.

Awareness Gap

Understand the company safety and risk responsibility to employees and seek out safety knowledge. 

Process Gap

Translate safety needs and regulations into policy.

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