Be aware and understand company safety and risk responsibilities

Safety Assessments

Safety Gap Model

Why this gap exists:

  • Lack of communication between OSHA and company.
  • Insufficient safety research on behalf of company.
  • Failure to stay apprised of safety and compliance regulations

Do You Have a Awareness Gap?

Do you see this at your company?

  • Lots of accidents (OSHA’s TRIR)
  • Lack of safety practices 
  • Low time commitment to safety
  • Lack of interest in safety responsibilities
  • Unsafe behaviors
  • No safety budget
  • Cost cutting with safety practices

Warning: You could have an awareness gap in your safety program.

The awareness gap is the difference between the availability of safety information and the company’s awareness (or knowledge) of safety.

This gap arises because the company doesn’t know exactly what job hazards exist on their job site b/c they aren’t familiar with regulations or other safety information.

How to Solve for the Awareness Gap

Safety and risk assessments address and solve for the awareness gap in a company. Assessments establish a baseline and help companies understand where they are in relation to safety standards and what needs to be done to chart a course for improvement. 

Safety Assessments

A safety assessment is the systematic collection of information on hazards in the workplace as well as current, significant, and clear threats to the safety of a worker. The purpose of the assessment is to identify hazards, document them, and find ways to minimize the risk to the worker. 

We identify and document the following safety hazards:

  • PPE Assessment
  • Job Hazard Analysis
  • Analysis of Job Description Hazards
  • Hazard Assessment for Employee Roles
  • Lockout/Tagout Assessment

Prevention from the start

With a job hazard analysis we can help prevent workplace injuries and illnesses by looking at your workplace operations, establishing proper job procedures, and identifying proper training for employees in those roles.

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Where Are Your Safety Gaps?

At Insure Compliance, we follow our Safety Gap Model to bridge the safety gaps in your business. 

When each of the five gaps are addressed, you create a positive safety culture for your company and successfully minimize your business risk in terms of safety and insurance.

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