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Safety Gap Model

Do You Have a Process Gap?

Do you see this at your company?

  • Poor safety structure
  • No compliance or poor compliance
  • Finger-pointing when something does happen
  • Accident/incident investigation program not in effect

Warning: You could have a process gap in your safety program.

A process gap is the difference between a company’s understanding of their safety needs / mandated regulations, and the translation of that understanding into safety policies and standards.

Why this gap exists:

  • Lack of defined responsibility
  • Poorly defined safety processes.
  • Failure to regularly update safety process standards.

How to Solve for a Process Gap

Documented safety policies and manuals address and solve for a process gap in a company. Safety policies establish approved processes and behavior in the workplace. Having a company policy or manual for a situation avoids a discrepancy or difference in knowledge between job sites, locations, and even crews. 

Safety Policy Services

Staying up-to-date on policies is so much more than having your “OSHA papers.” A health and safety policy is a statement of the employer’s commitment to workplace safety and its employees’ obligation to support the policy. A well-written policy also includes standards for accountability and enforcement of the policy.

Here are some services we provide in regard to company policies:

  • OSHA logs and online submissions  *see new regulation on OSHA logs
  • Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) creation and updates
  • Employee Handbooks
  • SDS Sheets
  • Training Records
  • Insurance Help
  • Underwriter Package
  • Update of Existing Employee Handbook 
  • Policy Review or Update
  • New Hire Safety Packets
  • General Contractor Safety Documents
  • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Creation

All manuals and policies are available in both English and Spanish.

Proven to lower insurance

Our underwriter package is proven to help lower insurance! Because of our unique experience in both insurance and safety, our Safety Gap Model is designed to reduce workers' compensation, property insurance premiums, and indirect costs.

Safety Policy Topics

We offer quite a few policy topics tailored to your industry and business. 

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Where Are Your Safety Gaps?

At Insure Compliance, we follow our Safety Gap Model to bridge the safety gaps in your business. 

When each of the five gaps are addressed, you create a positive safety culture for your company and successfully minimize your business risk in terms of safety and insurance.

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