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Mock OSHA Audit

Insure Compliance trained safety professionals not only can help identify your safety, compliance, insurance, and risk management needs but also determine the best ways to receive an ROI on your safety investment.

What is a Mock OSHA Audit?

A Mock OSHA Audit is a complete audit covering the same activities as a real OSHA audit and is designed to identify gaps in your safety program. A safety professional meets you on site, walks the job site, reviews your safety policies and documented trainings, and may talk with your employees.


The primary differences between a Basic and Premium audit are the depth of policy review and conversations with employees.

Includes  Basic Premium
Experienced safety professional conducts the inspection X X
Introductory meeting and discussion of training, policies, inspections, and accountability programs X X
In-depth review of each chapter of the safety manual X
Review of Loss/Run report X X
Review of sign in sheets and inspection forms X X
Site walk with focus on safety, compliance, and insurance issues X X
Employee interviews about safety program in place X
Review of the accountability program for employees X
Jobsite walks X

Why should I do a Mock OSHA Audit?

The benefits of conducting a Mock OSHA Audit:

  • Proactively address safety and compliance issues without risk of fines or penalties;
  • Assess risk level in the event of a surprise OSHA Audit;
  • Identify safety gaps more readily with an outside, unbiased view of safety practices and processes;
  • Establish a baseline for future Audits;
  • Demonstrate a commitment to safety and risk management to your insurance company
  • Potential to reduce insurance costs

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This service is often combined with:

IIPP Creation

Safety Consulting

Newmark Networks

Regular Safety Training

Jobsite Inspections

An IIPP is the safety manual for your company. Insure Compliance will customize your IIPP so you can comply with OSHA standards and protect your employees.

We will help outline a plan of how to meet compliance and how to best create and safety and compliance culture.

Online trainings that will help with compliance and new hire training.

Insure Compliance will help conduct the necessary regular trainings.

We will inspect your work locations to verify that your employees are following and implementing your safety culture.

We believe safety and profit are not mutually exclusive

With Insure Compliance, we apply our Safety Gap Model to analyze safety programs and identify gaps that prevent companies from creating safe and profitable work environments.

Insurance Roots

Our roots in insurance mean we don’t just understand the safety side of the business, but how to implement a safety program that minimizes your risk.

Proven Methodology

Our Safety Gap Model gets results: lowers costs, less incidents, and reduced insurance costs.

True Partnership

Much of business is about reducing risk. We work with you to implement safety initiatives that reduce risk, moving you to a shared goal of a safer and profitable future.

Lead with Care

We believe safety performance changes when there is a focus on encouragement and teachable moments, not reprimands. 

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