The Essential Guide to OSHA SDS Requirements

osha sds requirements

If you don’t have your safety data sheets (SDS) up to date and available on hand for all employees, then you could be liable for penalty fines for OSHA violations. Every single hazardous chemical housed at your workplace must have a current SDS indicating safety information on physical and health hazards and how to store, […]

Everything You Need to Know About OSHA Recordkeeping

osha recordkeeping

If your workforce consists of more than ten employees, you are highly likely to require maintained injury or illness recordkeeping in order to be OSHA compliant. OSHA recordkeeping criteria are that any work-related injury or illness beyond the need of first aid must be recorded on the following forms: OSHA form 300 (Log of Work-Related […]

The Ultimate Guide on OSHA Fall Protection Requirements

osha fall protection

Injuries and deaths from falls remains one of the most prevalent yet preventable causes of workplace injuries. It is the leading cause of deaths in the construction industry, and is third leading cause of fatalities in the United States. Recently OSHA fall protection has also been the number one most cited violation throughout the year […]

The Ultimate Guide to OSHA First Aid Kit Requirements

osha first aid kit requirements

Many injuries occurring in a workplace environment will typically demand immediate, once-off and short-term medical attention. This is what is known as first aid and OSHA directs employers to provide first aid supplies appropriate to the hazards of the workplace.  Therefore, employers must facilitate a hazard assessment to determine the individualized workplace first aid kits […]

Everything You Need to Know About OSHA Scaffold Regulations

osha scaffold regulations

There are various existing and predictable hazards associated with scaffolding, such as worker falls, falling objects and structure instability – therefore, OSHA scaffold regulations need to be enforced to ensure occupational safety and health. In 2020, fall protection was the top cited OSHA violation, and scaffolding was the third-highest number of violations. This shows how […]

The Step by Step Guide to Lock out Tag out Procedure

lock out tag out procedure

An operating machine comes with its own risks and hazards, but it can also compromise occupational safety when it’s off if it stores energy such as electricity, gas, pressurized water or compressed air – so, a lock out tag out procedure is necessary. Lock out tag out procedures control hazardous energy in the workplace when […]

The 6 Steps to an Accident Investigation Process

accident investigation process

You can prevent future incidents if you have a robust accident investigation process. This determines what led to the accident and then strategizes the correct preventative measures to be implemented. In fact, OSHA prefers using the term “incident” rather than “accident” because “accident” implies that the event is random, unavoidable and out of anyone’s control. […]

Everything You Need to Know About OSHA Electrical Safety

osha electrical safety

Complying with OSHA electricity safety standards is vital to employee safety. Maximizing your compliance will also ensure that your business will be able to satisfactorily meet any inspection requirements and minimize potential penalties Our experienced team of safety professionals has helped many companies achieve compliance by providing training for various disciplines, holding mock OSHA audits, […]