What are the Four Major Stages of an OSHA Inspection?

what are the four major stages of an osha inspection

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a federal agency that regulates safety for the workplace.  One of its responsibilities is to make sure employers abide by occupational health and safety laws and regulations. Their main method of checking for compliance is to conduct an inspection.  Each inspection has distinct stages and a purpose […]

What Type of OSHA Inspection is Conducted When There’s an Immediate Death?

What Type of OSHA Inspection is Conducted When There's an Immediate Death?

As an employer, you’re responsible for providing a workplace free from recognized hazards, which complies with OSHA standards.  So, if an immediate death occurs at your workplace, OSHA has the authority to conduct an inspection.  The purpose of the inspection is to establish whether company violations of OSHA standards and regulations led to the fatality.   […]