The Ultimate Guide on OSHA Accident Investigation (And What To Do)

osha accident investigation

The term “accident,” used interchangeably with “incident”, refers to an unplanned, random event that causes harm such as an injury, illness or even fatality. When it comes to occupational safety, employers should prevent accidents as much as possible. Therefore, an OSHA accident investigation procedure has been developed that employers must follow to identify the hazards […]

Tokyo 2020: Not Your Grandpa’s Olympics

Olympic rings with safety images

Looking for a Safe Olympic Games After being postponed one year due to the worldwide pandemic, banning foreign spectators, and later blocking even domestic spectators, the 2020 Olympics began last week in Tokyo. It’s a historic event in many ways, introducing new sports such as surfing, skateboarding and sport climbing, while others are hanging on to their […]

The Ultimate Guide on OSHA Hand and Power Tool Safety

osha hand and power tool safety

Sometimes the smallest tools can prove the biggest risks – and this is why it’s important to address OSHA hand and power tool safety. As the business owner, it’s your responsibility to enforce the following five rules to ensure worker safety and OSHA compliance: regular maintenance of tools, examination of each tool before use for […]

Here’s Why McD’s is Offering a Signing Bonus

sign for sign-on bonus to work at McDs

June Jobs Report: More Jobs Added, Higher Unemployment Why are we seeing more HELP WANTED signs, but also high unemployment? Because…COVID… Although June 2021 had better than expected 850,000 jobs added, unemployment rose 5.9% vs the expected 5.6%. Many companies are still short staffed, with Help Wanted signs, offers for immediate interviews, hiring bonuses, and […]

Are Amazon’s Policy Changes a Safety Risk?

Recent policy changes and worker injury reports have many wondering, has Amazon gone too far risking employee safety? Amazon Forgoes Marijuana Pre-Employment Drug Screening Last week Amazon announced that marijuana would no longer be part of their pre-employment drug screening, unless the position is regulated by the DOT. Marijuana will be treated like alcohol, i.e., […]